Black Hoodie Mockup


Black Hoodie Mockup

A mockup is a visual representation or model of a design, product, or concept. Mockups are used to give stakeholders a clear, tangible picture of how the final product will look, without requiring full development or production of the item. They are commonly used in various fields, including web design, graphic design, product design, and many more.


  • Easy and fast editing via smart objects
  • Easy to Use and Edit Mockup
  • High resolution 300dpi
  • Full Editable Mockup
  • Organized Layers


How to Use Mockups

1. Open the Photoshop document that you have downloaded.

2. Find the layer group or layers that initialize it
the design must be dropped or dragged on the layer.

3. Layer drop or drag design is a layer that is
smart object and there are thumbnails.

4. After you click on the smart object layer, it will
open a new document to the right of the first document.

5. Drag or drop your design on the second document.

6. After the design is complete, then click ctrl + s to save
changes and click ctrl + w to close the document and you
will return to the previous document.

7. After returning to the previous document, then you can
see that your design is mounted on the mockup.

8. After that, save the jpg or psd file that you have.

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