Cool Cartoon Styles Graphics and Logo Kit



Make your typography look even better with all the awesome logo accessories we’ve got! From flowers to sparkles, circuits to wires, and everything in between. Combine them with your favorite text styles and you’ll be able to create beautiful logos in no time. You can either use the text styles as-is or tweak them to make your own unique looks. Plus, you can use the extra glow and shine effects in the Text Style

Enhancement layer to take it even further! We’ve also included the complete source file we used to make the preview images. Most of the fonts are free, and you can use them on web, mobile or print. Plus, they’re 100% vector, 100% scalable, 100% re-sizable, 100% editable, and unlimited resolution. Plus, there’s a detailed document with instructions on how to use them

. Just remember, this is only guaranteed for Illustrator CC which you can get here, but I’ve included a CS6 version too.


The file is compressed using Zip or Rar format…please use Winrar to extract this file.


How to Install Graphic Styles:
1. Copy file to the folder: User HD\Library\ Application Support\ Adobe\ Adobe illustrator\
Graphic Styles
2. Open the appearance panel by going to Window/Graphic Styles.
3. You can now access any of these files for use in Adobe Illustrator, by going to the top
right corner of the Graphic Styles Panel, and scrolling down to Open Graphic Styles
Library, then ”user defined”, where you will find the graphic styles you just installed.
How to apply Graphic Styles:
1. Follow the steps above to open the “Cartoon Graphic Styles and Logokit ” graphic
2. Create a text field, or shape to which you would like to apply the graphic styles to.
3. With the text field or shape you’ve just created selected, click on the Graphic style that
you would like to apply to it. This will apply the graphic style to your text field or shape.
NOTE: the graphic styles in this pack have 3 versions each made to suit different text
sizes. For best results, use size large for text sizes 60 and above, Medium for sizes 60-
40, and small for sizes 39 and below. Of course, due to the way different fonts work, this
is not a hard and fast rule, so use whichever font scale works best for you.These graphic
styles are not optimized for sizes smaller than 24 as they are meant for larger more
decorative text styles. If you want to use them for smaller sizes, follow the directions
below in the section “To change the scale of a graphic style”.


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